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Having gutter guards in your home can help you tremendously and it is something that we at TruClean Gutters (TCG) are passionate about.

Many homeowners are usually discouraged by the initial installation cost when you really think about it, not having gutter guards may cost you more.

When you have leaf guards, you will not worry about pests, mold, mildew or water overflowing into your home.

Another amazing benefit of having gutter guards is that you will not have to clean your gutters several times a year. Once a year will do.


Have you made the decision to have gutter guards in your home? If the answer is yes then get in touch with TruClean to get the best service.

What will happen is that we will send a technician to your home to take you through the installation process and the different types and brands of gutter guards we have.

If you like our help in making a decision on the best gutter guard for you then we can help you do that based on the price you are working with and the gutter that your home needs.

After you have settled on a gutter brand and model, you’ll just give us a convenient installation date for you.

We will get the gutter guard from our vendor and then come to your home where we will clean your gutters and check whether the pitch is right before we install the guards. We will get rid of any soil, or debris in the gutter.

When you hire TCG, you will be dealing with a professional company that abides by the instructions provided by the manufacturers to ensure that you can always use your warranty and guarantee whenever you need to.

The gutter cleaning service we provide before installing gutter guards is free. Apart from that, we are happy to answer any questions you have on gutter guards installation and gutters in general.

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You may have heard of gutter guards but wonder why you need them. Well, think about it. Gutters protect your roof and your roof from water damage by directing that water to the right place. Your gutters are left exposed despite the good job they do.

That is where gutter guards come in because they protect your gutters from damage. This means that your gutters can continue doing their job.

A gutter guard traps things like leaves and twigs which might get into the gutter and clog it. There are different types of gutters you can choose from and examples include aluminum, copper, PVC and vinyl.

Majority of homeowners have discovered the advantages of having gutter guards and that’s why most of the people have them installed. These are the benefits you stand to gain.


When your gutters are not covered, fallen leaves and soil get inside the gutter and clog it. This hinders the smooth flow of water which means that the gutter won’t do its job.

One way of avoiding this is by regularly cleaning the gutter. You can do it yourself or get a gutter cleaning service to provide that service. Both options require time and money.

Another way of taking care of your gutters is by installing gutter guards. This means that your gutter will be covered and debris will not get in.

You’ll save time and money that you used to spend on cleaning. You’ll just be getting taking off the debris that accumulates on the gutter guards which doesn’t take any time or effort.


When your gutters are open, they can get clogged when ice accumulates in them. This means that water will flow from the roof into different parts of your home such as the walls, basement and foundation. Even the roof will get damaged from the water.

The water from the melted ice will add weight onto your gutter and the gutter might collapse. When you install a water guard, it will strengthen your gutter and you won’t have to worry about water damage.


Exposed gutters require regular cleaning and the cleaning part can be dangerous. Accidents happen and the chances of that happening are higher for you because you are not a professional gutter cleaner.

Ladder accidents are very common and these involve falling off the ladder and injuring yourself or getting electrocuted while cleaning the ladder.

If you are not sure of what you’re doing then there’s a possibility of damaging your roof, walls or the gutter. Having a gutter guard means less cleaning which equals fewer chances of getting into accidents.


Pests breed where there is stagnant water. If you install a water guard then it means that water will not accumulate in the gutters since it won’t be clogged. Therefore, you won’t have pests and insects. Some modern gutter guards can scare away birds and rodents which means that they won’t come anywhere near your roof.


Some areas experience frequent bushfires. If this is what you are dealing with then you need metal gutter guards which prevent the embers from a bushfire from getting into contact with leaves and twigs that can catch fire. Therefore, you’ll have extra protection from fire.


By now, you already know the value of a gutter guard. If you wanted to buy a home and you got two of them; one with a gutter guard and another one without. Which one would you choose?

Obviously, the one with a gutter guard. Gutter guards make your home appear more valuable and comes in handy when you want to sell your home.

Find more benefits of leaf guard covers here:


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GGP is a proud Shur Flo dealer and installer. Shur Flo gutter guards feature a patented perf-flow filtration system for rainwater to drains through. The filtration prevents debris, leafs, twigs and even pine needles from entering the gutters. Then, over time, air circulation from above and below the leafs and debris dries them out and wind will blow them away.

Shur Flo has a low-profile that is almost invisible from the ground. The product fits snug into gutters without lifting shingles and won’t void roofing warranties. Shur Flo products feature a 20-year manufacturer warranty on top of our lifetime installation warranty.

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We also install gutter guards from UltraFlo, the same manufacturer as Shur Flo. UltraFlo products offer many of the same benefits as Shur Flo. The difference is that UltraFlo is a “snap-in” installation and features a 10-year product warranty instead of the 20-year warranty from Shur Flo.

However, if drainage issues or clogged gutters occur as a result of UltraFlo gutter guards we install, we will return to your home to replace or repair the damaged product.

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Micro Mesh Supreme gutter guards feature a heavy duty aluminum panel and stainless steel mesh micro mesh filter. This is arguably the most durable gutter guard we install. The construction is strong enough to withstand severe weather in Southeastern Wisconsin and still block out small debris and particles from the gutters. The convex design causes leafs and twigs to roll right off the panel.


Leafree is similar to Lead Slugger in terms of its appearance. The product is 100% aluminum with a lifetime guarantee. The construction is engineered to withstand heavy winds, prevent pests or rodents from entering the gutters and block out organic debris.

The guard fits over the existing gutters on your home and blends in with the roof line. This means it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing products we install.

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“The entire gutter guard installation service from TruClean went smooth. The cost was affordable and the product is great!” – Pamela J.

“We were long overdue for installing gutter covers. We finally decided to call a professional to do it for us. TruClean quoted us the best price. The installer was knowledgable and friendly and the appointment ended even earlier than expected.” – Tim W.

I recommend TruClean Gutters of New Berlin if you decide to install gutter guards on your home. Our service was excellent!” – Tracy F.